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Alpha e-banking

  • Alpha Web Banking is available 24/7, offering a qualitative service for everyone wanting to manage their banking accounts online, in a safe and accurate way.

    With Alpha Web Banking you “have control” over your banking accounts, by being able to be informed regarding the accounts’ balance, execute money transfers as well as different payments.

    Be informed for:
    • Your accounts’ and cards balance
    • Details and outstanding loans’ balance

    Execute money transfers:
    • Between personal accounts
    • To third parties accounts at Alpha Bank Albania
    • To personal or third parties accounts in the national banking system

    Carry out payments for:
    • Value Added Tax (VAT)
    • Mobile companies
    • Credit card or monthly installments 

    Please access HERE the Alpha Web Banking:

  • The banking services of Alpha Bank Albania are available now to you anywhere, anytime directly on your Smartphone or your tablet through an internet access. With the new mobile application of Alpha Bank you can take control of your financials by performing transactions you need 24/7. 

    Download today the Alpha Bank AL mobile application and benefit:
    Updates on your accounts, credit card, deposits and loans you have with Alpha Bank
    Bill payments 
    Credit Card and Loan Payments 
    Fund transfers to your own Alpha Bank accounts or to third parties accounts
    Fund transfers to other accounts in other domestic banks 
    Update on Alpha Bank promo offers 
    Location of the nearest ATM and Branch 

    Become a member:
    Visit us today at any of the Alpha Bank Branches and fill the mobile banking application form in order to start benefiting from the Alpha Bank AL mobile banking.

    How do I log in?
    It is easy and secure; if you are already an Alpha Web Banking user all you have to do is to enter your User ID and password. If you are not an Alpha Web Banking user you will be given your User ID and password when applying at any Alpha Bank branch. 

    Download the application for you android phone/tablet:

    Download the application for your iPhone/iPad:


  • Please click HERE to read the Alpha Web Banking Manual.

  • Below you can find tips and instructions for the protection of your transactions when using the Alpha E-Banking services. 

    Alpha Web and Mobile Banking security codes 

    Choose complex passwords and keep them in a way that will ensure that their disclosure or theft is not possible
    Keeping your personal security codes safe is your responsibility. In the event of a confirmed or
            suspected physical or electronic theft, you must notify the Bank immediately
    Do not keep your User ID and Password together. If they are leaked to third parties, they will gain
            access to the system and to your accounts
    We recommend that you change your Password at regular intervals
    Alpha Bank will never ask you for your security codes in any way (e.g. via phone or e-mail).
            They are personal and you must not disclose them to anyone
    Misleading e-mail messages (phishing emails) aim to intercept your personal data.
            These messages are supposedly sent by Alpha Bank and urge the recipient to follow a link
            to a particular page in order to enter his / her personal data (e.g. User ID, Password, Additional Password etc.) 
    Misleading phone calls (voice phishing) by persons claiming to be Alpha Bank representatives aim
            to intercept your personal data.  These phone calls urge the user to disclose his personal data
            (e.g. Account Number, User ID, Tax Registration Number, Identity Card Number etc.).  

    Protect your computer against malicious acts

    Many malicious third parties try to install to your computer, unbeknownst to you, malicious software (Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, and Spyware etc.) via the Internet or by e-mail. In some cases, this malware could intercept your personal data and codes, destroy your files and programmers and generally harm your computer.

    Alpha Bank informs you about the risks of using electronic systems and, in order to help you carry out your electronic transactions securely, suggests that you: 

    Shield your computer with security software, such as Firewalls, Antivirus, Antispyware;
    Update your computer with the latest versions and security patches of the operating system,
            the anti-malware programs and the browsers that you use;
    Delete the temporary Internet files from your computer;
    Avoid using public computers or those belonging to third parties (e.g. hotels, your friends);
    Do not ignore "strange” behaviors of your computer, as these may be caused by installed malware;
    Do not reply to e-mails that ask for your account details or security codes and do not follow the links that they suggest;
    Make sure that you visit the E-services of Alpha Bank through the official channels of the Bank;
    Always keep your security codes safe and protected.

  • Please contact us for any information: 

    Phone number: +355 4 22 78 736