Exchange Rates 22.04.2021

CHF Buy 107.61 Sell 115.61

EUR Buy 120.10 Sell 126.10

GBP Buy 138.11 Sell 146.11

USD Buy 99.27 Sell 105.27

Quality Assurance

We have the passion for what we do and we are committed toward quality. We want you to have an amazing experience every time you visit Alpha Bank. 

Alpha Bank is placing a lot of emphasis on providing superior quality in products and services.
Quality Assurance Section is responsible for the central handling of customer complaints, ensuring that timely and uniform responses are given to each one, within 20 days.

A customer of Alpha Bank may submit a complaint or request in the following ways: 

- Through complaint form: The client can submit a complaint or request to any of the branches of Alpha Bank
        by filling out the relevant form;
- By phone: Calling Quality Assurance Section at the telephone number +355 4 227 86 32 from 08:00 to 16:30;
- By sms and WhatsApp application on the phone number + 355 69 70 20 400;
- By e-mail, clicking on the link  
- Through mail: The mail is addressed to the Bank via Post at the following address:
        Quality Assurance Section
        Alpha Bank Albania
        G-KAM Business Centre
        Kavaja Street
        Tirana, Albania

- Message on the Bank's official website by clicking HERE

The customer may also direct his complaint or request to the Bank of Albania. 

Alpha Bank follows the provisions of Regulation No. 59, dated 29.08.2008, “On the transparency for banking and financial products and services”.

The Bank also ensures that all elements of Regulation of Transparency are included in all contracts (loan, deposits or account opening), as well as makes possible that “Terms and Conditions” are displayed in clearly visible locations at all Branches, as well as published in Alpha Bank’s website.