Exchange Rates 22.04.2021

CHF Buy 107.61 Sell 115.61

EUR Buy 120.10 Sell 126.10

GBP Buy 138.11 Sell 146.11

USD Buy 99.27 Sell 105.27

Basic Products

  • Alpha 500
    It is a current account with the following benefits:
    • Scaled interest rate applied to the daily balance of the account
    • American Express credit card 
    • Check-books
    • Updates by copies of the account
    • Overdraft
    • Web Banking

    Alpha 290
    It is a non bearing interest sight account with the following benefits:
    • American Express Credit card 
    • Check-Books
    • Updates by copies of the account

    Documents required for opening a resident account are:
    • Copy of the registration of the company to the National Centre of Registration, NCR
    • Copy of the Statute and of the Act of incorporation
    • Copy of the Tax Identification Number of the company (NIPT)
    • Copy of current license issued by the tax authorities, if required by law
    • Identification document of the administrator/s (copy of the national passport or ID Card),

    Documents required for opening a non-resident account which should be submitted with APOSTILLE, are:
    • Certification from the Commercial Register in Home country, for registration of the company;
    • Statute and Establishment Act of the company;
    • Certification from the Commercial Register in Home Country that the company isn’t in liquidation process;
    • Certification from the Commercial Register in Home Country of the authorized person/s that will administrate the new account/s in Alpha Bank Albania;
    • Copy of the identification document/s and/or passport/s of the authorized person/s that will administrate the new account/s in Alpha Bank Albania;

    No minimum amount or balance is required to open these accounts

    Fees, charges and expenses that are accrued to the account (debited automatically) at the end of each month, will be published by the Bank in the Book of Fees, Commissions and Expenses according to General Terms and Conditions of the Bank.

     Through this account you can perform cash transactions like on-line deposits & withdrawals or non cash transactions: on line transfers within the bank; domestic transfers in local currency (through AECH & AIPS payment systems); domestic transfers in foreign exchange; international transfers in foreign exchange

    The transfers may be instructed and performed through branches, ATM’s, WEB. Further more transactions through standing orders and direct debits are available. Based on special agreements the branches may be instructed by fax, e-mails etc.

  • Term Deposits are offered at a 7 – 365 days maturity in ALL and in other foreign currencies. The interest rate is accounted for daily.

    The minimum amount required to open a term deposit is EUR 5,000 or its equivalent. Applications about the interest rate are accepted for amounts based on the bank procedures and policies.

  • The main types of payment transfers offered by the bank are:

    Transfers within the bank from web banking platform are executed on the spot, free of charges, same value date. Such transfers enable you to make tax and social/ health insurance payments (Income Tax, VAT, ISSH and ISKSH contribution, Municipality taxes and other taxes), Custom Duties Payments, Utility Services Payments (Water, Albtelecom, Telecom, Vodafone etc.)

    Incoming Payments can be payments received from local banks in LEK or foreign currency or from banks abroad.

    Outgoing Payments are offered for transferring of funds to local banks (in LEK or Foreign Currency) as well as for transferring of funds abroad. At Alpha Bank you may perform transfers of funds in currencies like LEK, USD, EUR, etc. Alpha Bank has a comprehensive range of Correspondent banks all around the world.
    All outgoing payments are subject of the BoA Regulation about the Foreign Exchange Transactions

    Standing Orders & Direct Payment is a service that Alpha Bank Albania offers to its customers, in order to facilitate the payment of their invoices through the Bank. This service enables the automatic payment of invoices through your account, without you needing to come in the bank or to make it yourself.
    The value dates about the incoming and outgoing transfers (domestic or cross-border) are subject of bank policies and are published in the bank premises.

  • Alpha Bank Albania is providing with Checkbooks imprinted with the account number to selected legal entities. These cheques are used for payments in the currency in which the account is maintained: LEK, USD, EUR, etc. and are executed upon presentation by the customer of a correctly completed payment order, subject to sufficient coverage.
    These checks are used only within the territory of the Republic of Albania.

    Bank Drafts are available in different currencies and they can be used for domestic and international payments.

    Checks and Bank drafts are accepted for collections only. The respective amounts are credited into the legal entities accounts after these amounts are collected.