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The European Investment Fund (EIF) and Alpha Bank Albania have signed a Euro 25 million agreement for the financing of Albanian SMEs, as part of the EU’s COSME Loan Guarantee Facility programme that supports SMEs’ access to financing. 
Under this agreement, Alpha Bank Albania will grant loans to Albanian SMEs with limited available collateral, with the backing of COSME guarantees.

How to profit from the COSME Loan Guarantee Facility programme?
If the client fulfills all the terms to be financed by the Bank but the collateral is not sufficient he can apply for a coverage from the COSME Program


Anyhow the customer must have a reduced collateral 

“The supported financing benefits from the support of the European Union under the Loan Guarantee facility established under the Regulation (EU) No 1287/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council establishing a Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and small and medium enterprises (COSME) (2014-2020)”

  • 1. Long Term Loans for investment - from 12 months up to 10 years
    2. Working Capital:  
            -  Revolving Credit Accounts - 12 months with option of renewals up to 5 years
            -  Overdraft line - 12 months with option of renewals up to 5 years


  • Financing amount up to 150.000 Euro. Amount can be up to 3.000.000 Euro if the enterprise does not fulfill any of the criteria of the InnovFin Program.
    Up to 1.500.000 Euro loan maturity up to 10 years
    Up to 3.000.000 Euro loan maturity up to 5 years

    For enterprises performing road freight transport, maximum amount is:
    Up to 750.000 Euro loan maturity up to 10 years
    Up to 1.500.000 Euro loan maturity up to 5 years

    Collateral requirements
    Reduced collateral will be required for each financing under COSME program

    Duration of Guarantee
    EIF’s guarantee duration is up to 10 years

    Availability period 
    The program is available from 01/10/2019 until 30/09/2022.


  • 1.     Is an SME;
    2.     Is not subject to collective insolvency proceedings nor fulfills the criteria under its domestic law
            for being placed in collective insolvency proceedings at the request of its creditors;
    3.     Does not have a substantial focus on one or more Restricted Sectors (which determination shall be
            made by the Intermediary in its discretion based, without limitation, on the proportionate importance
            of such sector on revenues, turnover or client base of the relevant Beneficiary);
    4.     Is not delinquent or in default in respect of any other loan or lease either granted by the Intermediary
            or by another financial institution pursuant to checks made in accordance with the Intermediary’s internal
            guidelines and credit and collection policy;
    5.     Is not established in a Non-Cooperative Jurisdiction, unless in case of NCJ implementation;
    6.     Is established and operating in a Participating Country or in an OCT linked to the Member State, if applicable,
            in which the Intermediary is established; and
    7.     Is not performing illegal activities according to applicable legislation in the country of the Intermediary established
            Bank or the Beneficiary (including national, European Union and international legislation, including the Charter of
            Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights and its Supplementary

    For more details please contact:

    Fation Kambo                            
    Tf: +355  42 278 633


    Anila Noti                            
    Tf: +355 42 278 642