Exchange Rates 22.04.2021

CHF Buy 107.61 Sell 115.61

EUR Buy 120.10 Sell 126.10

GBP Buy 138.11 Sell 146.11

USD Buy 99.27 Sell 105.27

Alpha e-Banking

I want to make different transactions from my account but i do not have and Alpha e-Banking. Can i apply online?

You can apply online but you need to have an e-mail and phone number registered on our banks' system. Please follow the instructions published HERE. For any additional information contact us at 042 278 736

My account is locked. How can i unlock it?

When you try to unsuccessful log in for 3 times in a row, your account will be blocked. You will need to send an e-mail to and request the unlock of your account. Our staff will contact you at the number registered in our system. In case you do not currently have the phone number and e-mail registered in the banks' system the unlock process will not proceed online and you will need to visit one of our branches.

I forgot my password
You can set a new password through the application. Once the log-in window displays at the right you may click at  “Forget Password” and follow the procedure to set a new password.
When i try to make a transaction, it requests me a code. Where can i find it?
Apart the Alpha Bank ALB application, in order to make safe transactions you need to download and connect Alpha Safe Access. Read HERE the instructions.