Credit Cards
What is an Alpha Bank Credit Card?
Your everyday jobs become easier when you can move without limits. With Alpha Bank Credit Cards, you can shop in stores and supermarkets, shop online an infinity of goods and services, pay in all restaurants where you go with your family and friends, book hotels, tickets and anything else that you need within or outside the country.

You are the one who sets your monthly spending limit. Moreover, you will not pay any interest for amounts spent by card purchases, if you pay them within 20 days after issuance of the monthly bill. Your purchases are not charged with any commission either inside, or outside the country.
What type of Credit Card does Alpha Bank Albania provide?
Alpha Bank Credit Card types:
   • American Express®
   • American Express® Gold
   • Vodafone American Express®
   • Visa Classic

Alpha Bank American Express® card is a real partner for a dynamic life. Accepted worldwide, American Express® offers you financial flexibility, security and 24 hours support. With your American Express® Card and American Express® Gold Card you will benefit free travel insurance that covers travel accident, luggage loss and flight delays.
With the Alpha Bank Visa Classic you can purchase and withdraw money inside and outside Albania, and purchase on line with a maximum security.
What documentation is required to qualify for a Credit Card?
You will need to visit the nearest Alpha Bank branch with the following documents and it will take just a few minutes for your application to be ready:
   • Application form;
   • ID, passport or birth certificate of main Cardholder and/or additional card/s;
   • In case the customer has not a payroll account in Alpha Bank Albania, a confirmation for the last three salaries and years of employment in the current company is needed;
   • Any utility bill in order to certificate the address;
   • Minimum monthly income ˜13.000 ALL