Exchange Rates 22.04.2021

CHF Buy 107.61 Sell 115.61

EUR Buy 120.10 Sell 126.10

GBP Buy 138.11 Sell 146.11

USD Buy 99.27 Sell 105.27


Can i make utility payments at Alpha Bank?
Yes you can make payments for UKT, OSHEE, ALBtelecom, Vodafone and Telekom. You can activate as well the direct debit service HERE
Can i receive money from abroad if i do not have an Alpha Bank account?
You can receive money through the MoneyGram service.
For what services can i apply online?
You can apply online for the following services:

Alpha e-Banking

New account opening or reactivation of dormant account

Direct debit

New Debit card or re-issue of debit card/ pin code

Pre-application for credit card or loans