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Housing Loan

What are the eligibility criteria for a housing loan?
In order to apply for a housing loan at Alpha Bank Albania you must be an Albanian resident or to apply with a person that is resident in Albania. The minimum requirements are as below:

Declared salary
ID or Passport
Collateral documentation
Minimum 1 year work seniority

What are the interest rates and commissions that the Bank applies?
You can find the interest rates and commissions by clicking on the link HERE
What currency should I choose to take out a Mortgage loan?
The bank finances the EUR and LEK currencies, but in order to avoid exchange rate risk, we would suggest you take the Loan in the currency in which you generate the income.
What tenor should I chose for the Loan?
The bank finances up to 30 years for home loans but on the condition that the age of the client does not exceed 68 years in the maturity of the loan.

What are additional costs associated with the Mortage Loan application?
When applying for a Mortgage Loan, there are several additional costs you need to consider such as:

The loan disbursement fee
The property evaluation fee
Legal fees (loan & pledge agreement)
Life insurance for the borrower and property insurance

Can the Loan be pre-maturely closed and with what penalty?
The loan can be pre-maturely closed at any time by paying a penalty of 0.5% of the amount pre-paid. For more information, click on the link HERE