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Alpha Bank Albania sha pays a special attention to the training and development of its personnel. Human Resources was strongly supportive towards the employees working with devotion, high performance and ambitiousness, setting as priority their promotion and further development. Training programs are planned on an annual basis in order to be always aligned with business needs and priorities, individuals’ development needs and changes in the regulatory environment. We use a combination of in-house and external training providers to support our staff in their career development.

Alpha Bank Albania sha provides continuous qualification to its employees in order to:
• Enhance productivity, effectiveness and profitability of services through the development
  of talents, skills and opportunities of the Bank’s employees.
• Help employees to develop further their knowledge and their skills in order to become
   more qualified to perform their duties in their relevant existing positions and to move
   towards positions with higher responsibility.
• Assure the formation of skilled Managers and Supervisors able to organize and develop
  effective management systems with the only purpose, the achievement of the short term
  and long term objectives of the Bank.
• Accelerate the development of the staff with inadequate knowledge, whose skills are not fully used.

Staff Training and Development in Alpha Bank Albania sha is also focused on:
Induction trainings - helping new employees to settle in
Coaching /mentoring - senior staff member provided guidance and support to their employees
On-job assistance - one employee observing another working

Moreover, the Bank financially supports:
• Foreign languages learning programs
• Postgraduate studies related to its nature of business.
• IT skills certification programs