Exchange Rates 22.04.2021

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Alpha Payroll

  • The account “Alpha Payroll” has the characteristics of a current and and as a privileged employee benefits many advantages.

    - Minimum amount to open the account: Not required
    - Currency: LEK, EUR, USD,
    - Interest Rate: 0.01% for ALL and USD
    - Interest: credited every month according to the daily balance.
    - Account opening fee - No commission
    - Account closing fee:
    500 LEK / 4 EUR, USD
    - Account maintaining fee: 100 ALL / 1 EUR/USD
    - Debit Card: no commission for cash withdrawals at the ATM network of Alpha Bank Albania:
      o Mastercard, no maintenance fee and issuance fee;
      o Enter American Express, free for the first year
    - Automatic Utility Payments option for payment of the utility bills (OSHEE, UKT, Albtelecom, Vodafone and One according to the terms and conditions

      published in Alpha Bank's premises;
    - Standing Order service transfer periodically and automatically a fixed amount from current

    - Overdraft facility upon client’ payment capacity;
    - Outgoing and Incoming Transfers:
       o Incoming transfers: No commission for incoming transfers in payroll account

  • Alpha e-Banking is offered without commission and provides you with the:

    o Summary of the accounts, loans and credit cards monthly statement;
    o Accounts statement;
    o Account information (balance, blocked and available amount);
    o Term Deposits information (balance, currency, maturity date);
    o Loans Information (loan amount, currency, maturity date, interest);
    o Transfer (payments) within Alpha Bank Albania, for all currencies.
    o Transfers (payments) in banks which operating in Albania, for all currencies (applicable

       commissions as per the terms and conditions published in Alpha Bank's premises);
    o 50% discount for the transfers in foreign currency in other banks in Albania
    o Transfers (payments) for commercial companies that provide utility services (One, Vodafone);
    o Credit Cards payment


  • Loans:

    o Consumer Loan - 0,50% discount as per the margin offered to standard clients
    o Housing Loan: 0,15% discount as per the margin offered to standard clients and 30% discount
       on the disbursement fee.
    o Loan balance transfer from other banks - No disbursement fee on the transferred loan amount

    If the loan’ products have predefined the interest rates and applicable fees for the payroll segment 
    the above discounts will not be applicable