Exchange Rates 26.02.2021

CHF Buy 108.66 Sell 116.66

EUR Buy 120.67 Sell 126.67

GBP Buy 137.97 Sell 145.97

USD Buy 98.99 Sell 104.99

Banking Transfers
    • Inform the sender to make the transaction through MoneyGram and to send you the reference number
    • Visit the nearest Alpha Bank Albania branch by giving your ID or passport and fill in the form for the withdrawal of the money
    • The MoneyGram system will register your data and verify that the transfer is regular before the delivery of the money. The beneficiary does not pay any fees for the transfer 

    • Go to the nearest Alpha Bank Albania branch and get information about the service
    • Submit an ID or Passport and fill in the application form for the fund transfer
    • Submit the amount you want to transfer
    • An Alpha Bank Employee will deliver you the transfer reference number
    • Inform the beneficiary about the transfer and the reference number and in 10 minutes the funds will be available to be withdrawn by the beneficiary

  • When talking about worldwide money transfer, we now there are so many choices among different companies. For this reason we work to make your money transfer safe and convenient.

    By choosing MoneyGram, you can be sure that you are using a reliable and trusted service used by many families all over the world.

  • Me MoneyGram, nuk do të jetë e nevojshme që ti dhe të afërmit e tu të mundoheni për të gjetur pikën më të afërt për dërgimin e parave tuaja. Më shumë se 350.000 agjenci të shpërndara në të gjithë botën do ju sigurojnë akses kudo ku ju ndodheni. Print
  • Please download HERE the informative leaflet about MoneyGram.