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American Express Green Card
  • If your travel expenses are fully or partially paid with your American Express Green Card, SIGAL provides the following coverage:

    Travel accident insurance up to € 30,000
    Traveling / Flight delays up to € 125
    Delayed luggage up to € 250

    Delayed Luggage

    The Insurer will reimburse the cardholder up to the maximum amount of benefit in cases of delays/lost luggage. Insurer payment is limited to expenses occurred for emergency purchase of essential items needed by the cardholder while traveling outside Albania territory. In case of baggage delay, the travel company must confirm the delay and the Insured cardholder must make available to Insurer proof of claimed luggage at lost found office and evidence of respective delayed time for the baggage delivery.

    Insurer will pay to the insured the expenses up to €250 if the delay is more than 48 hours and up to €125, if the delay is 6-48 hours.

    Traveling / Flight delays
    When there is a delay traveling for at least 6 hours for the Insured cardholder due to unexpected reasons, Insurer will reimburse expenses for meals and accommodation to the Insured up to €125. Delay should be confirmed from the transport company. Insurer will pay for the Insured expenses:
    • Up to €25 if the delay is 6-14 hours
    • Up to €50 if the delay is 14-24 hours
    • Up to €125 if the delay is more than 24 hours


  • Interest Rates
    Interest type is fixed and interest rates are expressed on annual basis:
    • Sales: 18% (applied from billing date)
    • Cash: 20% (applied from transaction date)
    • Arrears: +10% (applied on top of the normal interest rate)

    Interest rates are subject to changes

  • Commissions
    Annual Fees:
    Main Card: 3,500 ALL
    Additional Card: 2,000 ALL

    Cash Advance Fees:
    In Alpha Bank Albania ATMs network: 1% per transaction with a minimum of 200 ALL
    In other domestic Banks ATMs: 2.5% per transaction with a minimum of 400 ALL
    In ATMs abroad: 2.5% per transaction with a minimum of 400 ALL

  • • Application form
    • ID, passport or birth certificate of the Cardholder of the main card or additional card/s
    • Any utility bill in order to certificate the address
    • Minimum monthly income: 13.000 ALL
    • In case the customer does not have a payroll account in Alpha Bank Albania, a confirmation for the last three salaries and employment period in the  current company is needed.

  • Billing period
    26th of each month

    Cash Advance Limits
    Daily limit is 25% of the credit limit, while monthly limit is 50% of the credit limit.

    Minimum payment: Total fees + charges due + 5% of the remaining due balance.