Exchange Rates 22.04.2021

CHF Buy 107.61 Sell 115.61

EUR Buy 120.10 Sell 126.10

GBP Buy 138.11 Sell 146.11

USD Buy 99.27 Sell 105.27

Visa Classic in Euro

  • Now your purchases in Euro will be more comfortable than ever with VISA EURO credit card from Alpha Bank Albania. You can use it online or abroad avoiding so the exchange rate.

    Chip&PIN Technology

    Your purchases are more secure


    The new Visa Classic Euro is contactless which allows you to pay easier and faster at any POS terminal up to the amount of 20 Euro. 

    Card purchases are manageable

    You can set the limit for your monthly expenses. In addition, you will not pay any interest on the amounts spent on card purchases if you pay them within 20 days after the monthly statement is issued. Purchases are not charged by any commissions within the country and abroad.


  • The interest rate is fixed and expressed on an annual basis:

    Standard customer

    • 17% on purchases (applicable from billing date)
    • 19% on withdrawals (applicable from the withdrawal date)

    Payroll customer

    • 15% on purchases (applicable from billing date)
    • 17% on withdrawals (applicable from the withdrawal date)

    Card secured by Cash Collateral

    • 13% on purchases (applicable from billing date)
    • 15% on withdrawals (applicable from the withdrawal date)

    Arrears: + 10% (applied above normal interest rate)


  • Annual Commission
    Main Card: 15 Euro
    Add-on card: 9 Euro

    Cash withdrawal commissions

    In Alpha Bank Albania ATMs network: 1% of transaction with minimum 1 Euro (the service is offered in Lek currency for the moment)
    At other ATMs within Albania: 2.5% of transaction with minimum 2 Euro
    At ATMs outside Albania: 2.5% of transaction with minimum 2 Euro


  • • Application form
    • Identity card, passport, birth certificate for main card holder or additional card holder
      (in case of foreigners resident in Albania residence permit is also required)
    • Utility invoice for address verification
    • Landline / Mobile phone number
    • Certificate of employment and salary (salary, tenor of employment, type of employment)
    • Salary account statement (not required if you are a salary receivers at Alpha Bank Albania)
    • Relevant documentation in case you are a business owner.


  • Billing period

    The 26th day of each month for the previous month outstanding balance.

    Limit for withdrawal
    The maximum daily withdrawal limit is 25% of the card limit, while the maximum monthly limit is 50% of the card limit.

    Minimum payment: commissions + interests + 5% on outstanding balance.