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Enter American Express

Alpha Bank Enter American Express is a Debit Card, which is linked to your account and serves as a tool for purchases at POS-s (stores), cash withdrawals at ATM-s (in the country and abroad) and in internet whenever you see the American Express logo.

We have created a dedicated website for the American Express Cards.

Explore it HERE

Reasons why you should have an Enter American Express Card:

You benefit more: Enter American Express Card is part of Alpha Bank Bonus Rewarding Programme where you have the opportunity to benefit from partners’ merchants in this program. For more information please click here.
It is simpler: There is no need to have cash with you, for your convenience just use Enter American Express card for purchases.
It's safer: Chip & PIN technology protects you against unauthorized use by third persons.

Albanian Lek

Period of issuing the card: 1 week after the client’s request;
Personal Identification Number (PIN) is given after filling the application form.

Cash Advance Limits
Limit for cash advances inside the country is 30,000 ALL;
Limit for cash advances abroad is 13,000 ALL;
Limit for all transactions is 100,000 ALL;
The limit for cash advances can be changed upon client’s request.

Commissions & Fees
Annual fee: 600 ALL;
Reissue Card Fee: 200 ALL;
Reissue PIN Fee: 100 ALL;
No commissions for withdrawals and POS transactions in Alpha Bank Albania Terminals;
Commission for ATM withdrawals abroad: 2.5% of transaction amount, with minimum 350 ALL;
Balance inquiry in foreign ATM terminals: 100 ALL.