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Mastercard Debit

Enter Mastercard Debit Contactless is the newest card from Alpha Bank Albania which offers you instant access to your bank account at any time, wherever you are. You can make small or big purchase quickly, simply and safe.

Mastercard. One card, endless moments 

Apply online HERE and send the form at

 Benefits and characteristics of the card             
  • Make purchase online in Albania and abroad
  • Make contactless purchases in POS-es where the Mastercard logo is displayed (Without PIN up to 4,500 lekë)
  • Make withdrawals at the Alpha Bank Albania ATM network and any other ATM with the Mastercard logo displayed
  • Unique design 
  • Free change of PIN at any Alpha Bank Albania ATM
  • Alpha SMS Service in order to be informed in real time for any transaction you make
  • Chip & Pin for secure transactions
 Albanian Lek


  5 years

 Commission and tariffs                                          
  • Annual Commission - No Commission
  • Card Re-issue- 500 Lek
  • PIN Re-issue - 250 Lek
  • Card Closing Commission - Free
Transaction fees                                                      
  • Purchases on Alpha Bank Albania POS-es network – Free of charge
  • Purchases on POS-es within the country – Free of charge
  • Purchases on POS-es outside the country/online – 2 % min 100 Lek
  • Withdrawal in Alpha Bank Albania ATM network – Free of charge
  • Withdrawal in other banks ATMs within the country – 2.5% me Min 300 Lek
  • Withdrawal in ATMs outside the country – 2.5% me Min 400 Lek
 Daily limits                                                              
  • Daily spending limit         200,000 Lek
  • Daily Online limit             100,000 Lek
  • Daily withdrawal limit       50,000 Lek