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VISA Electron
"The passport" to your account!

Alpha Bank Enter Visa Card is the passport that offers immediate access to your bank account at any time wherever you are. Take advantage of the benefits of Alpha Bank Enter Visa which is always with you in every transaction.

Albanian Lek

Period of issuing the card: 1 week after the client’s request
Personal Identification Number (PIN) is given after filling the application form.

Cash Advance Limits
Daily limit for cash advances inside the country should be 30,000 ALL and for cash advances abroad 13,000 ALL.
The daily limit for all transactions should be 100,000 ALL.
The daily limit for cash advances is changed upon the client’s request, but it cannot be greater than his monthly income.

Commissions & Fees
No commission
Commission for Card Reissue: 400 ALL
Commission for PIN reissue: 250 ALL
Zero annual fee
No commission on Cash Advances in Alpha Bank Albania ATM network
No commission on Purchases on POSs (Domestic in every bank’s POSs)
Commission on Purchases on POSs (Abroad in every bank’s POSs): 2% per transaction with a minimum amount of 100 ALL
Commission on Cash Advances in Other Domestic Banks ATMs: 2.5% per transaction, with a minimum of 300 ALL