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Alpha Cash Collateral Consumer Loan

Cash Collateral Consumer Loan is included as an option for Alpha Bank Term Deposits owners in order to cover their current consumer needs by not losing the interest income of the deposit. The loan can be repaid with regular monthly installments or with bullet payment at loan maturity (revolving loan)

  • Minimum and maximum amount
    From EUR 500 up to EUR 40,000 Euro equivalent in Lek

    Regular monthly installments loan

    From 6 months up to 10 years.
    0.5% disbursement fee

    Bullet payment at maturity loan (revolving loan)
    1 year with the possibility of renewal
    1% disbursement fee
    0% revolving fee

    Deposit interest

    The time Deposit which will be blocked as cash collateral will earn the IR of one year Time Deposit till the end of loan expiry date.


  • Regular monthly installments loan

    12M Euribor + 2.5%
    12M BTH + 1.5%

    Bullet payment at maturity loan (revolving loan)

    12M Euribor + 3%
    12M BTH+ 2%

    The basic interest rate is revised every 12 months, at the disbursement date.

  • • Applicants Passport, ID or Birth Certificate
    • Address Verification document (utility bill, etc).