Exchange Rates 22.04.2021

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Alpha Student Loan

  • Minimum Loan Amount:
    Minimum Euro 1.000 or equivalent

    Up to 70%.
    Up to 10,000 Euro (equiv.) no collateral required, personal guaranty.
    Up to 15,000 Euro (equiv.) secured with collateral.


    Loan Tenor:
    1 Year up to 5 years – Unsecured.
    Maximum 10 years – Secured. 

  • Floating Interest Rates:
    ALL: 12M AGTB +6. 5%
    EUR: 12M Euribor + 8.5%
    USD: 12M Libor +8.5%

    Floating interest rates will be revised every 12 months according the base rate of each currency on the date of the first disbursement. 


  • Requested amount 

    Interest rate

    Effective interest rate

    Forecasted monthly installment 

        3,000 EUR



        102 EUR

    800,000 ALL



     9,897 ALL

      10,000 USD



         133 USD

    Reference rates 12M BTH = 1.95%, 12M Euribor = 0 %.    
    Base Rates are revised every 12-months at maturity date.


  • Copy of the applicant’s Identification Card (ID), Passport, or Birth Certificate.
    Official document from the company for regular employment of the Borrower/ Co borrower / Guarantor.
    Three latest payroll receipts of the Debtor and Guarantor / Account Statement.
    Official document from the teaching institution certifying the registration of the applicant, the expected duration of the studies and its total cost.
    Official contract of dormitory expenses if studying abroad in case that the loan covers it.
    Official document from the teaching institution stating the tuition fees of the entire course and/or of the academic year or semester and dormitory expenses if studying abroad.