Exchange Rates 21.10.2020

CHF Buy 111.66 Sell 119.66

EUR Buy 120.92 Sell 126.92

GBP Buy 132.53 Sell 140.53

USD Buy 101.63 Sell 107.63

Deposits and Investments

Alpha Bank Albania offers various types of deposits in order for you to save and have profits at the same time. Come to visit us at your nearest Branch and choose the deposit that fits you better.

For more information you may contact us at:


Tel.: +355 4 2278 502

All the deposits in Alpha Bank Albania are insured in accordance with the applicable law No. 53/14, date 22/05/2014 "For the Insurance of Deposits". Deposits Insurance Agency (ASD) ensure and compensate all individual deposits in Lek and other currencies, for resident and nonresident individual clients up to the amount 2.500.000 Lek, in banking system.

For more information follow the web page of ASD:

Please download here the “Interest Rate News-Letter”