Exchange Rates 04.12.2020

CHF Buy 110.37 Sell 118.37

EUR Buy 120.84 Sell 126.84

GBP Buy 133.00 Sell 141.00

USD Buy 98.89 Sell 104.89

Alpha Start Offer


Open now a current account Alpha Start, with a simple application in branch or online and enjoy all its benefits:

Alpha e-Banking

  • Account statement for transactions’ control;
  • Credit card and loan payments;
  • Transfers (payments) within the Alpha Bank Albania system, for all currencies;
  • Transfers (payments) to banks in Albania and abroad, for all currencies;
    • 0 commission for transfers in lek
    • 50% discount for transfers in foreign currency
  • Account information (balance, blocked amount and available amount);
  • Transfers (payments) for companies that provide utility services (One, Vodafone);
  • Information for Time Deposits (amount, currency, maturity date);
  • Information on customer loans (loan amount, currency, maturity date, interest);
Debit Mastercard

  • Online shopping inside and outside Albania;
  • Contactless purchase at POS inside and outside Albania, wherever there is a MasterCard logo (Without PIN, up to the amount of 4,500 ALL);
  • Withdrawal at Alpha Bank Albania ATMs and wherever there is a MasterCard logo;
  • Unique design based on transparency;
  • Change of PIN code at Alpha Bank Albania ATM without commission
  • Chip & Pin for secure payments
Alpha SMS Service for every transaction on the account/cards
  • Notification on real time, via SMS, for any transaction performed on account/card, in any merchant, online and also for withdrawals at Alpha Bank ATMs or other ATMs inside and outside the country;
  • Better control on account balances and card’ activity;
  • Higher level of protection for frauds;
Automatic Payment of Utility Bills

  • Automatic payment of the monthly utility bills for OSSHE, UKT, ALBtelekom, Vodafone and One.
    • Always pay on time;
    • Save time;
    • Avoid queue;

The offer is valid until December 31, 2020