Exchange Rates 23.10.2020

CHF Buy 111.74 Sell 119.74

EUR Buy 120.96 Sell 126.96

GBP Buy 132.91 Sell 140.91

USD Buy 101.69 Sell 107.69

Alpha Investment Plan

“Alpha Investment Plan” is a saving account for the clients who are interested to save their money through standing orders from their current accounts. This account offers higher interest rate compare with a current account and savings account. Account Opening only for the clients that signs the standing order form and agree to invest their funds on regular bases from the C/A to Investment Planning account.

- Minimum amount and balance: No minimum amount or balance required
- Currency: LEK, EUR, USD

- Interest: The interest is calculated on quarterly bases according to the daily balance and is credit into the account in the end of every quarterly based into the investment plan account. 
- Account maintenance fee: 50 LEK (0.5 EUR/USD) on monthly basis
- Closing commission: No closing commission
- Possibility of a passbook: Client will be fit up with passbook for registering all the transactions. Issue commission is 2 Euro.
- Periodic and automatic transfer through Standing Order

Free Web Banking:

o Summary of the accounts;
o Accounts statement;
o Account information (balance, blocked and available amount);
o Term Deposits infomation (balance, currency, maturity date);
o Loans Information (loan amount, currency, maturity date, interest);


o ID card or passport for Albanian nationals.
o Passport for non-residents.

All the deposits in Alpha Bank are insured as per law no. 53/14, date 22/05/2014 "On Deposit Insurance", changed. Deposits Insurance Agency (DIA) ensure and compensate all individual deposits in Lek and foreign currencies, for resident and nonresident individual clients up to the amount 2.500.000 Lek, in banking system.

For more information follow the web page of ASD:

Please download here the “Interest Rate News-Letter”