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Alpha Time Deposit Monthly Interest

Alpha Time Deposit Monthly Interest is a time deposit with fixed interest rate where the interest of the deposit is payable every month to client’s source (current/savings) account.

- Main advantages:
o Interest rates earned every month
o Client can withdraw all the funds before the maturity date and profit interest amount of source/current account.
o Attractive interest rates
- Currency: LEK, EUR
- Tenor: 12 Months.
- Minimum amount: 3,000 EUR or 300,000 LEK.
- Applicable interest rates are according to Bulletin in force. Please download HERE the Interest Rates Bulletin.
- No charges for deposit opening
- Fixed interest rate for the whole tenor of the deposit
- No automatic roll-over
- Premature termination is allowed only after the 3rd month, from the opening date
- In case of premature termination of the deposit, the client will earn the interest already credited in the client’s source (current/savings) account.

o ID card or passport for Albanian nationals.
o Passport for non-residents.

All the deposits in Alpha Bank Albania are insured in accordance with the applicable law No. 53/14, date 22/05/2014 "For the Insurance of Deposits". Deposits Insurance Agency (ASD) ensure and compensate all individual deposits in Lek and other currencies, for resident and nonresident individual clients up to the amount Lek 2.500.000, in banking system.

- For more information follow the web page of ASD: