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Alpha Fix Housing Loan
Alpha Fix Home Loan offers fixed interest rate for a certain period and indexed interest rate after the fixed period and is a loan for the acquisition, construction or reconstruction of an immovable asset to be used for residential purpose, also this aims to finance the acquisition of plot of lands to be used for residential purpose

  • • Minimum amount 5,000 Eur or equivalent
    • Maximum amount 500,000 Eur or equivalent
    • Minimum tenor 5 years
    • Maximum tenor 30 years


    Disbursement Fee
    • 1% disbursement fee ( 300 Eur / equivalent  - for standard customers)
    • 0.7% disbursement fee (210 Eur / equivalent for payroll customers in Alpha Bank)
    Not applicable disbursement fee for balance transfers from other Banks



    Prepayment fee
    • 2% of the prepaid amount if the prepayment date and the maturity date is more than one year
    • 1% of the prepaid amount if the prepayment date and the maturity date is less than one year
    Not applicable prepayment fee during the indexed rate period if the prepayment is realized under the insurance contract which aims the loan payment
    Not applicable pre-payment fee during the indexed rate period if the payment is realized from CASH funds or the loan is overdue
      and the payment is requested by the Bank



  • Interest rate for the fixed period
    Fixed 1 year   1.8% in Euro and 3.5% in Lek
    Fixed 3 years  2.3% in Euro
    Fixed 5 years  2.9% in Euro and 4.5% in Lek

    Interest rate after the fixed period
    EUR: 12M Euribor + 4%
    LEK: 12M BTH + 2.5%



    Fixed period 

    Interest rate 

    Effective interest rate 

    Forecasted monthly installment


    1 year



    90.23 EUR


    2 years



    96.61 EUR


    3 years



    104.6 EUR


    1 year



    13,471 LEK


    3 years



    15,200 LEK


    The monthly installment is calculated for an amount of 25,000 Euro or 3,000,000 ALL for a repayment period of 30 years. Floating interest rates will be revised every 12 months according the base rate of each currency on the date of the first disbursement.





  • • Residential immovable asset (1st rank mortgage) with coverage 143% of the loan amount
    • Shops / Office owned by individuals (1st rank mortgage) with coverage 167% of the loan amount
    • Plot of land (1st rank mortgage) with coverage 200% of the loan amount