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Alpha Bank Volunteer Day
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In the framework of Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day, Alpha Bank Albania organised for the eighth consecutive year, on May 22nd and June 5th, 2016, two different activities with the participation of 210 employees of the bank; the cleaning of the Cape of Rodon beach and the planting of trees in Lura.

Cape of Rodon:
Situated in, north of Durrës, by the Adriatic Sea, the Cape of Rodon is well known for its several bays with partially intact nature. As the beach season is starting, more than 100 employees from Alpha Bank Albania, divided in small groups, were involved in cleaning several bays from plastic bottles and other refuses. The motto for this activity was ‘’ Together for a cleaner environment’’

Lura National Park:
Lura National Park, located in the municipality of Dibër in northeastern Albania, encompasses 1’280 hectares and is renowned for its 12 lakes and wildlife. Due to massive deforestation from illegal logging and forest fires that severely affected ecosystems, 100 Alpha Bank employees were involved in planting 3’100 black pines, in attempting to restore the natural flora and fauna of the area. The motto for the activity was ‘’ Together for Lura’’.