Main functionalities:

  • User credentials are offered to the client, without the need to be present at the bank counters;
  • Changing the password gives the user the freedom to change it without his physical presence at the bank counters;
  • Detailed information on deposit balances. This includes current accounts, savings accounts and time deposits;
    • The Time Deposit Module provides an aggregate and analytical view of deposits;
  • Analytical extraction of account operations using different filtering criteria for current accounts, savings and time deposits;
  • Term deposit calculator which based on different parameters such as duration or different types of maturities calculates the interest earned at the end of the selected maturity;
  • Different types of payments are available, which include:
    • Transfer funds to your Alpha Bank accounts or to third parties in local or foreign currency;
    • Transfers of funds to other banks operating in Albania in local or foreign currency;
    • Transfers of international funds in foreign currency;
  • Possibility to make salary payments;
  • Detailed credit information;
  • Information on exchange rates;

Follow these steps to create an Alpha e-Banking account:

Download the application form for the Business category below and after completing it save the changes and send it to e-mail

Important Note:

So that you can fill in the pdf form if you open it from:

Laptop or computer: complete it, save it to your documents and attach it to the e-mail you will send;
Phone: you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded on your phone. When you click on the form link, once the form opens you need to save it to your phone. Go to your documents, open the form, fill it out, save the changes and attach to the e-mail you will send.

Applications will be processed during the Bank's official hours from Monday to Friday

Attention: In order for the application to be successful, you must have your personal number, telephone number and e-mail address registered with the bank.

  • If the data filled in the form you will send will match the data in our systems, the operator will proceed with the creation of your e-Banking account. Your username and password will be emailed to you via email and SMS respectively. After creating your account you can immediately proceed to use the Alpha e-Banking service.
  • If the data filled in the e-mail you are sending does not match the data registered in our system (eg if the address from which you started the email does not match what you registered in the bank) then our operator will not proceed further with the application and will send you an email informing you of the reason for the rejection of your online application request. In this case you will need to appear at one of our branches to update your details and proceed with the application process.

You can access the Alpha e-Banking service from the web HERE or by downloading the Alpha e-Banking application at:

Note: To conduct transactions through Alpha e-Banking, you must also download the "Alpha Safe Access" application. You can download Alpha Safe Access at:

Find the guide to Alpha e-Banking HERE

Alpha e-Banking Help Desk:
Tel .: +355 42 278 736/0697028700