The Mastercard Business Debit Card is linked to the business account, where every purchase / payment or withdrawal made with this card is reflected in the business account. Depending on the needs of the business, more than one card can be linked to the account. This gives the business the opportunity to equip its employees with a card. To have maximum control, different limits can be set for each card for different types of certain transactions.

Benefits and features of the card

Online shopping inside and outside Albania
Contactless purchase at POS inside and outside Albania wherever there is a Mastercard logo (Without PIN up to the amount of 4,500 ALL)
Withdrawals at Alpha Bank Albania ATMs and wherever there is a Mastercard logo
Unique design based on transparency
Change of PIN code at Alpha Bank Albania ATM without commission
Alpha SMS service, where the cardholder is notified in real time for every transaction he performs with the card
Chip & Pin for secure payments

Issue currency

Albanian Lek


5 years

Commissions and fees

Monthly commission - 150 Lek for each card connected to the business account
Card reissue - 500 Lek
Reissue PIN - 500 Lek
Card closing commission - Free of charge

Transaction Commission

Alpha Bank Albania POS Purchase - Free
Purchase in the same currency as the card currency - Free
Purchase in currency other than card currency - 2% (included in the transaction amount)
Cash withdrawal at Alpha Bank Albania ATM - Free of charge
Cash withdrawal at other ATMs within the country - 2.5% with Min 400 Lek
Cash withdrawal at ATMs outside Albania - 2.5% with Min 500 Lek

Daily limit of card transactions

Daily limit to be spent with all cards connected to the business account - 500,000 LEK.
Daily limit of expenses of a card - 200,000 Lek
Daily limit of online operations of a card - 100,000 Lek
Daily withdrawal limit of a card - 50,000 Lek