The bank provides services for national and international payments.

The main payments offered by the Bank are:

  • Bank transfers - Such transfers enable you to pay taxes / social security (Income taxes, VAT, ISSH and HII, municipal taxes, etc.), customs clearance, utility payments (Water, Albtelekom, Telecom, Vodafone, etc.)
  • Incoming transfers - May be payments in LEK or foreign currency made by a local bank or abroad. To receive a transfer it is necessary to forward to the sending party:
    • Your bank's BIC / SWIFT code (SWIFT code is CRBAALTR)
    • IBAN code of the account where the transfer and the name of the account holder will be credited
    • Corresponding bank BIC / SWIFT code

Corresponding banks of Alpha Albania JSC Bank by currencies are

  • Outgoing transfers are offered to transfer funds to domestic banks in LEK or Foreign Currency and to transfer funds abroad. At Alpha Bank Albania you can make funds transfers in currencies such as LEK, USD, EUR, GBP and CHF. The Bank cooperates with a considerable number of banks worldwide. To make a transfer on departure you need:
    • Name of the beneficiary client and his address
    • Beneficiary customer account. If the beneficiary is in a European country, it is necessary for the account to be in IBAN format
    • BIC / SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank

All outgoing transfers are subject to the "Regulation on Foreign Currency Transactions" of the Bank of Albania.

Periodic Payment Order and Direct Payment is a service that Alpha Albania Bank offers to its customers, to facilitate the payment of their bills through the Bank. This service enables the automatic payment of bills through your account, without the need for you to come to the Bank.

Currency dates for incoming and outgoing transfers (domestic and international) are subject to the bank's policies and are published in the Bank's Terms of Service.