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To know - June 17 at ''Rogner'' hotel friends and well known artists joined the internationally known baritone Gëzim Myshketa, to promote theCD/ booklet ''To know'', a collage of well known albanian songs such as “Margjelo”, “Luleborë”, “Dua më shumë Shqipërinë”, “Asaman, o trëndafili i çelës”, “Kroi i fshatit tonë”, “Unë ty moj të kam dashtë” or “N’at zaman t’njasaj furie... ta dish”. All the songs were recreated in modern way but still preserving their originality.      

The album can be enjoyed at https://bit.ly/TaDish 

Together for a better future - On June 1st Alpha Bank Albania joined forces with Red Cross Albania - Tirana Branch and donated 70 food packages for families in difficult financial situation. The Bank organised as well a festive event for the children of these families and distributed gifts. 

Giving Circles Auction -The Bank participated for the second year in a row at the charity auction event #givingcircles organised by Partners Albania for Change and Development. During this event 3 social causes were presented and the bank supported the project '' The studying corner'' submitted by ''Tek ura'' NGO, which will provide a corner with all the necessary studying materials to the children of the families in need in Tufina area. 

Together we donate life - Alpha Bank Albania organised the blood donation day under thee motto '' I love you life!''. The donation took place in collaboration with Red Cross Albania in April 1 and 8 for the eleventh consecutive year.

Tirana Economic Forum - On March 12 took place for the third year the ''Tirana Economic Forum''. This year because of COVID-19 pandemic the forum was organised online. The participants discussed about the COVID-19 challenges and how Albania and the region faced them. 

Tirana Economic Forum - On January 30, 2020 it was organized the second Tirana Economic Forum. This is a high level forum with the presence of the Prime Minister of Albania Mr. Edi Rama and representatives from the largest corporations in Albania and abroad. The aim of the forum is to discuss the challenges and how to adapt the best practices of other countries. One of the key speakers was Mr. Georgios Papanastasiou the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Bank Albania who brought on the center of the economical debate which one has more priority; the banking stability or the banking competition?

He said ‘’the development of the banking system should precede, and actually precedes, the economic developments in the country. At first, the banking system is supporting the economic growth and is the most important player and contributor of the financial stability in the country. The banking consolidation of the last two years has produced an enhanced competitive environment which imposes the banks to differentiate through more competitive products and innovative solutions in order to provide both excellent experience and acceptable risks. ‘’

I love life - On February 14, 2020 the staff of the Bank organized for the 10th year in a row a blood donation day. Volunteer blood donations has become an important part of the activities undertaken from the staff. The blood units needed every year in Albania are 30,000 while the ones accumulated are 20,000. The Bank posted as well an awareness campaign on its social media of communication to increase awareness of the importance of becoming regular blood donors.

Together in difficult times - The Bank supported 100 families affected financially by COVID-19 through the Red Cross Albania by distributing 100 packages with food and sanitary items.

Supporting the ‘’Hello Life’’ Program - The Bank supported for the second time in a row the health program ‘’Hello Life’’. The program supports families with children with disabilities in remote areas through a professional team of doctors, physicians, logopedists etc. The therapies are taking place twice a week and the donation will support 5 children for 1 year.

Art Gallery – Traces of moments, dreaming the continuity - The Bank sponsored the exhibition of six young artists. The main message in their paintings was that from time to time we need to detach from the wholeness by stopping the movement or the progress of something, to capture a moment which serves to the knowledge of the world around us and (as a result) our role in it. The exhibition was visited by many artists and citizens under strict anti covid-19 measures.

‘’I have an extra chromosome but I am like you’’ - October is Down syndrome awareness month, and this October Alpha Bank Albania collaborated with two different NGOs that operate in Albania and support this cause. The Bank created and released in its social media channels a video under the motto “I have an extra chromosome but I am like you”, in order to increase awareness about the rights and potential of people with Down syndrome. The Bank donated as well free early therapies which are substantial in improving the quality of life of people with Down syndrome and as well tablets for online therapies which is the newest therapy introduced in Albania due to COVID-19 pandemic. The support consisted as well on donating products to increase protection against COVID-19 for the people attending therapies at the premises of the organizations. The awareness video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRI1foVYw_s

Greece 2021 - 200 years of Independence - Alpha Bank Albania supported the Greek Embassy in Albania on the organization of an online concert for the celebration of the 200 years of the Greek Revolution of year 1821. The online concert is organized under the ‘’Greece 2021’’ Committee and marks the initiation of the festive activities that will take place all over the world where Greeks are present. A video cd will be made available for distribution as well. The online concert was performed by Greek artists such as Bety Harlafti, Janis Belonis, Stathis Laskaridis, Paris Perisinakis and Friksos Morxos.

Support for the artisans in Pogradec - The Bank supported the creation of the market of artisans in the city of Pogradec nearby the lake.


Tirana Economic Forum - Important actors from Albania and the region discussed about the economical development in Albania the last year and the challenges ahead.

41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners - This is the most important forum for the collaboration and coordination of global authorities responsible for the supervision of the data protection. More than 700 delegates from all over the world participated during the 3 days of the forum. 

World Vision Albania - The Bank supported the ''Hello Life'' program which consists on a group of specialist visiting children with differnet disabilities in different remote areas of Librazhd. 

PRO PAK center from Down Syndrome Albania - The Bank supported the opening of a center which will operate under Down Syndrome supervision and will serve to more than 100 children with differenet abilities. 

Red Cross Albania - On the End Year the bank donated food packages and as well organised an event for the families in need.

NYOU Festival - NYOU Festival is a musical activaity with the participation of well known artists from different countries in the discipline of jazz. All the earnings from the event went to '' Women and girls shelter'' a shelter that protects the women and girls from any kind of abuse. 

Staff voluntary activities:  Every year the staff of the bank undertakes different activities such as organising the blood donation day since year 2009, preparing food packages for families in need and the latest activity was to support the volunteers of Red Cross Albania on serving in a daily shelter for individuals with financial difficulties.

November earthquake - The Bank undertook different initiatives from day 1 of the November earthquake.  

European Money Quiz - On April 2018, the Albanian Association of Banks in cooperation with the Bank of Albania and the support of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth hosted the European Money Quiz with the participation of 500 high students from all over Albania who competed in a live contest. The winning team represented Albania in the European finals in Brussels. 

Foreign Languages Faculty  - On September, the Bank supported the renovation of the main auditorium of the Foreign Language Faculty. This was an important project considering the fact that hundreds of students are now able to attend the courses in a suitable auditorium

Volunteer Day - On the 2018 Volunteer Day, Alpha Bank Albania supported the ‘’You are a sunflower’’ Foundation. All the funds go for the children with different blood diseases all over Albania. The Bank purchased 477 t-shirt for both its staff and the children. 
On the 18th of May, all the staff of the Bank operated during the entire day with the t-shirts and increased awareness for both Volunteer Day and the ‘’You are a sunflower’’ initiative, which resulted to a high request from the customer to support the cause. On the 20th of May, more than 50 children of the staff performed in singing, dancing, reciting, painting and playing violins, piano and drums. At the end of the event the children distributed sunflowers to all the audience and launched balloons branded Alpha Bank in the sky.  

Blood Donation Day - On June 2018, the Bank organized for the 7th year in a row the blood donation day with the support of the ‘’Different Weekend Foundation’’. More than 50 employees voluntarily participated on the event and the units of blood were donated for the children suffering from thalasemia. 

Staff participation in different educational programs - In collaboration with Junior Achievement Albania staff of the Bank has been participating in different students’ competitions and fairs as mentors, jury etc. The expertise and the dedication of the staff have been awarded several times from the organizers which has placed Alpha Bank Albania staff’ amongst the most supportive ones toward the youth education.  

The donation of a blood coagulometer - On June the Bank donated a coagulometer to the Lushnja Hospital which was much needed for the patients in order to analyze the blood coagulation and to diagnose different bleeding disorders

Tirana Marathon - On October, The Bank was one of the main supporters of the third edition of the Tirana Marathon, which has become the most important sportive activity in Albania with the participation of thousands of runners from Albania and all over the World. Two weeks before the Marathon the Bank started an awareness campaign on the social media channels and under the motto ‘’ let’s run together to the rhythm of the city’’ invited its customers and not only to challenge themselves and participate at the Marathon. The Bank supported the Marathon by rewarding 3 winners of the 21K category, 2 of the winners of the 10K category and the 3 winners of the We Too category. 

The purchase of a house for a family in need - On March, the bank through the ‘’Different weekend’’ Organisation, financed the purchase of a wooden house for a family composed of 6 people, who was living in very poor conditions. The new home has all the necessary standards for them to live a normal life. It is composed from 2 bedroom, living room and bathroom and it is protected from heat, cold and humidity. 
The case of the family got a high attention from the public in Albania since it was broadcasted in prime time tv show and apart the Bank the staff contributed as well. On December staff of the Bank revisited the family and donated Christmas gifts to the family.

Road toward success - On November the Bank supported the ‘’Road toward success event’’. The two day event aimed in boosting employees’ interpersonal capabilities, in terms of skills and experiences. 
The event serves as well as a charity one, since all the incomes from it goes to charity (children’s’ homes, elders’ home or families in need).  

Down Syndrome Albania foundation - On December, through the first edition of the ‘’Giving Circle’’ fund raising event organised by Partners Albania the Bank supported the foundation Down Syndrome Albania and their program ‘’ Adopt a therapy’’. The fund donated will support free therapies of children with Down syndrome from families in need. The therapies are very important to increase the children motoric skills which enable them to better interact in the community.

Bringing joy to the children - On December the Bank undertook two different activities by supported the Red Cross Albania to organize a New Year event for the children from different children’s homes all over Albania and as well for the children of the families in need in the city of Gjirokaster. In a festive atmosphere the children received different gifts. 

Tirana Economic Forum - On December the Bank was partner at the first Tirana Economic Forum, a high level meeting of the most influential Albanian and International, political, corporate and intellectual leaders which addressed current challenges facing Albania and the world. 

We donate knowledge - During December the Bank supported 22 school libraries in the cities of Tirana, Durres, Vlora, Korca, Shkodra, Lushnja, Saranda, Ura Vajgurore, Burrel, Lac, Tepelena, Pogradec, Himara, Elbasan, Permet, Kamez and Gjirokaster. 6100 artistic and scientific books were donated in 15 elementary and 7 high schools.  All the 22 school libraries had substantial lack of the required book titles for the students and with this donation the reading course becomes one of the main activities of the students after the class hours. 

The money week activities - The Bank of Albania and the Albanian Association Banks undertook different initiatives during March regarding the financial education toward the young students. Alpha Bank was one of the main financial institutions which took part to support this initiative by participating as follows in three of them. 

A visit at the Alpha Bank Albania main branch - One of the activities organized for the Money Week was to guide a group of students through the everyday operations of a branch. So on the 29th of March, 30 students visited the Alpha Bank Albania main branch where they saw how the staff of the branch serves the clients, explains them the products and the main operational actions during the day. 

You have the power to create - Alpha Bank Albania sponsored the ‘’Innovative Camp’’, where six groups of five students each presented innovative ideas based on the theme given ‘’ Digital marketing’’. Each of them was mentored by employees of the Bank. 

Leader for a day - One student was appointed one entire day to accompany the Head of Marketing & PR Ms. Aulona Driza and take part in all the meetings and decisions made during the day. To the student was given a specific project to be managed by him and on his own he acted as the Head of Marketing & PR by undertaking all the necessary steps and setting meeting with the proper staff. A Gala event took part to award all the institutions that contributed to the project. 

Reconstruction of the school for visually impaired children - On September, 2017 the Bank financed the reconstruction of the school for visually impaired children. The school which hosts children from all over Albania was operating without the prerequisits that helps the children to be oriented and the support consisted on adapting the premises so the visually impaired children would be easily oriented. 

Donate a school bag - On the first day of school the Bank donated 250 school bags and sets for the schools’ materials, to children of families in need, which cannot afford to purchase them. This year the Bank has given priority to projects related to the education of the youth and will continue with very significant projects until the end of the year. 

Children Day in Vlora - The Bank sponsored the ‘’Children parade and festival ‘’ for the Children Day in the city of Vlora. All the schools of the Vlora city participated in it with different activities such as dancing, painting, marching in the city boulevard etc. The children have been prepared for more than a month to perform acts as well plays based on mythology books.  

Volunteer Day - Alpha Bank Albania for the 2017 Alpha Bank Volunteer Day choose to support the cultural heritage of the Country and on the 28th of May 68 volunteers of the Bank participated on the cleaning of the Bashtova Castle from the dense bad vegetation, which made impossible to visitors to explore the walls of the castle. The castle of Bashtova was built on the 15th century and was used for trading purposes between Albania and Italy. It is presumed to have another 2 floors underground and is the only castle in the Balkans which is in open field. On the 4th of June, 20 volunteers of the south branches helped a specialized team to clean the walls of the Castle of Libohova from the bad grass which was risking the falling off of the walls.  The Castle of Libohova was built on the 18th century. Both castles are part of the cultural heritage of Albania and the work done was of high importance since the last restauration done in both of them was on the year 2003.

Blood Donation Day - On June 2017, the Bank has being organizing for 6 years now the blood donation day with the support of the Red Cross Albania. More than 50 employees voluntarily participated on the event and the units of blood were donated for the children suffering from thalasemia. 

The elders’ home - On July 2017, more than 100 employees of the Bank voluntarily contributed on collecting different personal and food items which was donated to the elders on the elders’ home in Tirana. Some representatives from the staff spent some hours in the premises of the elders’ home but giving them joy. 

5th Guitar Festival in Tirana - On September, The Guitar Foundation Albania, supported by Alpha Bank Albania, organised the 5th edition of the Guitar Festival in Tirana. Well-known artists from abroad were present during the 2 days of the festival and special awards were given to the performers. The event has become one of the most attractive cultural events in Albania during the last years. 

Mikis Theodorakis event - On November it took place a concert to honour the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis; during the two days of the event it was played the most known works of him and as well there were organised poetry reading sessions. The event was highly appreciated by more than 1 000 people that attended the event during the two days. 

Reconstruction of the Seferis Building - Important reconstruction works took place at one of the historic houses in Korcha which is the Seferis Building. This building belonged to the nobelist Jorgos Seferis, which has served for two years as a Consul in the city of Korca and during that period he had strengthen the Albanian-Greek relationship. Because of it good work the building was name Seferis and continues these days, in a historic road of the old city. 

Road toward success - On November the Bank supported the ‘’Road toward success event’’. The all-day event aimed in boosting employees’ interpersonal capabilities, in terms of skills and experiences and more than 50 employees of the bank participated.
The event serves as well as a charity one, since all the incomes from it goes to charity (last year the Bank was as well sponsor of the event and the last year donations supported the ‘’children’s’ home’’ reconstruction I Durres).  

Down Syndrome Albania foundation - The Bank supported the renovation of the new room for the therapies of the children of the Down Syndrome Albania Foundation, which is the only foundation offering support free of charge to families with children with Down syndrome. Now, the new therapy room offer service to more children from all over Albania with all the necessary equipment to increase the children motoric skills which enable them to better interact in the community.

Albanian Cultivates the Land - Alpha Bank Albania supported the first edition of Albania Cultivates the Land Fair organized by the Prime Ministry of Albania and the Ministry of Agriculture, which was focused on promoting the Albanian products. 500 representatives from all over Albania participated with traditional products being this from industry, fruits and vegetables, traditional foods and craft and agriculture. Traditional music and dances took place during the 2 days and the fair was visited by thousands of people.

Together for a safer beach - The Bank supported the construction of a lifeguard tower at the city of Velipoja which is one of the coastal cities with the highest number of accidents during summer. The new tower will not only serve during summer, but as well will be used for the national trainings of the new lifeguards.