Interest rates
  • Make purchase online in Albania and abroad
  • BContactless purchases in all the POS-es in Albania and abroad where the VISA logo is displayed
  • Withdrawal in all the ATMs of Alpha Bank Albania and everywhere where the VISA logo is displayed
  • Possibility to change the PIN at any Alpha Bank Albania ATM with Zero commission
  • Real time Alpha SMS service
  • Chip & Pin for safe payments    

Annual Fees

  • Primary Cards: 2,000 ALL
  • Additional Cards: 1,500 ALL

Cash Advance Fees

  • Alpha Bank Albania ATMs network: 1% per transaction, with a minimum of 200 ALL
  • Other Domestic Banks ATMs: 2.5% per transaction, with a minimum of 400 ALL
  • ATMs abroad: 2.5% per transaction with a minimum of 400 ALL
Interest type is fixed and interest rates are expressed on an annual basis:
  • Sales: 17% (applied from billing date)
  • Cash: 19% (applied from transaction date)
Arrears: +10% (applied on top of the normal interest rate)
  • Application form
  • ID, passport or birth certificate of the Cardholder of the main card or additional card/s
  • Utility bill in order to certificate the address
  • Phone number fixed/mobile
  • Confirmation for the last three salaries and employment period in the current company
  • Payroll account statement (not needed if you are a payroll client in Alpha Bank Albania)
  • Documentation in case you are the business owner

Currency - Albanian Lek     Validity- 5 years

Billing period

26th of each month

Cash Advance Limits

Daily limit is 25% of the credit limit, while monthly limit is 50% of the credit limit.


Minimum payment: Total fees + charges due + 5% of the remaining due balance.