Product Characteristics
Interest rates

Minimum Loan Amount: 
Minimum Euro 1.000 or equivalent


  • Up to 70%.
  • Up to 10,000 Euro (equiv.) no collateral required, personal guaranty.
  • Up to 15,000 Euro (equiv.) secured with collateral.


Loan Tenor:

  • 1 Year up to 5 years – Unsecured.
  • Maximum 10 years – Secured. 

Floating Interest Rates:

  • ALL: 12M AGTB +6. 5%
  • EUR: 12M Euribor + 8.5%
  • USD: 12M Libor +8.5%
Requested amount  Interest rate Effective interest rate Monthly installment
3,000 EUR 8.5% 9.33% 102 EUR
800,000 ALL 8.45% 9.18% 9,897 ALL
10,000 USD 10.3% 10.90% 133 USD

Floating interest rates will be revised every 12 months according the base rate of each currency on the date of the first disbursement. Reference rates 12M TB = 1.95%, 12M Euribor = 0 %.    

  • Copy of the applicant’s Identification Card (ID), Passport, or Birth Certificate.
  • Official document from the company for regular employment of the Borrower/ Co borrower / Guarantor.
  • Three latest payroll receipts of the Debtor and Guarantor / Account Statement.
  • Official document from the teaching institution certifying the registration of the applicant, the expected duration of the studies and its total cost.
  • Official contract of dormitory expenses if studying abroad in case that the loan covers it.
  • Official document from the teaching institution stating the tuition fees of the entire course and/or of the academic year or semester and dormitory expenses if studying abroad.