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Apply for a housing loan and benefit:

Preferential Interest rates
Up to 90% financing
Up to 30 years repayment period
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Apply for a consumer loan and benefit:

Up to 7 years repayment period
Up to 2.000.000 lek financing without collateral
Up to 500.000 lek financing without guarantor

3D Secure Service

We always aim to offer products and services that improve your daily activities. Based on that, we inform you that from September 23, 2021 on your Mastercard card will be activated automatically the 3D Secure service. This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE and will provide you more security when shopping online, preventing so unauthorized usage of your card.

Monitor Interview of Mr. Georgios Papanastasiou, Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Bank Albania

Our main objective for 2021 is to increase profitability and efficiency through a combination of sustainable bank growth and cost optimization. We have an ambitious strategic plan to expand lending in all the categories for both individuals and business Customers, always preserving the high quality standards of the Bank.

DigitAlpha - The first internal digital innovation competition by Alpha Bank Albania

Alpha Bank Albania, having accelerated the implementation of its Digital Transformation Plan and the digitalization of its services, organized for the first time, an internal digital innovation competition, DigitAlpha.

Alpha Woman

Alpha Bank Albania CEO’s special thanks to the women Employees on the International Women’s Day

Despite the challenges, we managed to achieve satisfactory financial results while continued to support the economy.

Georgios Papanastasiou, Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Bank Albania says that the bank achieved satisfactory financial results during year 2020 while continued to support the economy with the needed liquidity. He is optimistic that the volume of products and services of the banking sector will further increase during the 2021; Mr. Papanastasiou forecasts that high priority will be given to the digital channels of distribution.

Important Announcement

Alpha Bank Albania informs all its individual and non-individual customers owners of a current or saving account, with zero balance and inactive for more than 5 years, that the accounts will be closed starting from November 20, 2020.

October, Down syndrome awareness month

October is Down syndrome awareness month, and this October Alpha Bank Albania collaborated with two different NGOs that operate in Albania and support this cause. The Bank created and released a video under the motto “I have an extra chromosome but I am like you”, in order to increase awareness about the rights and potential of people with Down syndrome.

FinQuest by Alpha Bank 2020: the digital innovation competition by Alpha Bank returns

The innovative ideas, applications and technological solutions that will shape the digital future of the banking sector are being sought again this year by Alpha Bank, through the second international digital innovation competition, FinQuest. This year's FinQuest by Alpha Bank was designed in response to the banking sector’s current need for new digital solutions and applications, through the use of modern technologies. To this end, the creation of a new digital banking experience is the challenge (quest) to which the participants are invited to respond, with innovative ideas that upgrade the banking services and put the Customer first.

In Face of Global Pandemic, MIGA Bolsters Alpha Bank Albania’s Commitment to Supporting Local Enterprises

“Small and medium-sized enterprises represent the backbone of Albania's economy base, with four-fifths of total employment,” Mr. Georgios Papanastasiou, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ABA said. “Through our work with MIGA, we will be able to provide financing to more businesses and entrepreneurs and secure greater prosperity for Albanians during this unprecedented pandemic.”

Automatic Exchange of Information

Upon Albania's commitment to implement CRS and in order to provide information to other countries, the necessary legislative changes have been made through Law 4/2020 "On the automatic exchange of information on financial accounts". In compliance with this law, Alpha Bank Albania has the obligation to identify and report to the General Directorate of Taxes, the tax data of its customers declared by themselves. Therefore, you are kindly requested to become familiar with the requirements of this law and to visit our premises in order to complete the Self Certification Form with your tax information up to 20 June 2020.

Online Application for Alpha e-Banking

We want to serve you wherever you are by making possible for you online application for Alpha e-Banking service.

Statement of the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Bank Albania Mr. Georgios Papanastasiou

Given the unprecedented situation that Albania and the entire world are facing due to the new virus Covid-19, the health and wellness of our Personnel and our Customers remain a top priority for Alpha Bank Albania. We have already taken all necessary safety measures according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, and our Branches are fully operational to serve you.

We suggest the usage of the Alternative Channels to be protected from COVID-19

After the first cases with COVID-19 have been identified in our Country, Alpha Bank Albania recognizes that the safety of its staff and clients is the main priority and it is committed to take the necessary measures of safety and to ensure the normal continuity of its activity. We suggest you the usage of the alternative channels to meet your daily financial needs.

I love you life

On February 14, under the motto ‘’ I love you life’’ Alpha Bank Albania organised for the 10th time in a row the Banks’ blood donation day

Tirana Economic Forum

On January 30, it was organized the second edition of the ‘’Tirana Economic Forum’’ which is a high-level forum with the participation of influential Albanian and international actors. This important meeting serves to discuss the economic and competitive challenges that Albania and the region faces and as well to identify and evaluate adoption of best practices not only for the public sector but private, social etc.

Together one team one dream

On September 28,2019 under the motto ‘’Together, one team one dream’’ Alpha Bank Albania staff gathered for a 24 hours event, the biggest staff event organized during the 21 years the Bank operates in Albania.