The "Alpha Payroll" package is offered exclusively for customers who receive a monthly salary through Alpha Bank Albania. Take advantage of the unparalleled advantages of this package, which gives you the opportunity to meet your every need through the wide range of products and services.

Alpha e-Banking
Other benefits

The "Alpha Payroll" account is used to transfer the monthly salary from a state institution or a private company, to perform banking operations and is used as a source account for products selected by the client such as debit card, credit card, time deposit, home loan and consumer loan , etc.

  • Minimum amount and balance for opening an account: Not required
  • Currency: LEK, EUR, USD,
  • Interest Rate: 0.01% for LEK and USD
  • Interest: credited monthly to the account according to the daily balance
  • Account opening commission: No commission
  • Account closing commission: 500 Lek / 4 EUR, USD
  • Account maintenance commission: 100 LEK / 1 Euro / USD
  • Debit Card: no commission for CASH withdrawals in Alpha Bank Albania ATM network:
    • Mastercard, no maintenance and issuance commission
    • Enter American Express, free for the first year
  • Automatic Payment of Utility Bills for the payment of utility bills OSHEE, UKT, Albtelekom, Vodafone and One according to the conditions announced in the Bank's premises:
  • Periodic transfer order - Transfer of funds periodically to fixed amounts
  • Personal overdraft depending on solvency
  • Outgoing and incoming transfers:
    • Incoming transfers: There is no commission for crediting the customer account.
  • Summary of all customer accounts, cards and credits
  • Issuance of accounts for control of actions
  • Transfers (payments) within the Alpha Bank Albania system, for all currencies;
  • Transfers (payments) to banks operating in Albania, for all currencies
  • 50% discount on foreign currency transfers to domestic banks
  • Account information (balance, blocked amount and available amount)
  • Transfers (payments) for companies providing utility services (One, Vodafone)
  • Information on the Client's Time Deposits (amount, currency, maturity date)
  • Customer Loan Information (loan amount, currency, maturity date, interest)
  • Payment of credit card obligations


  • Consumer loans: - 0.50% (50 points) discount on the margin offered to standard customers.
  • Home Loan: 0.15% (15 points) discount on the margin offered to standard customers and 30% discount on the disbursement commission.
  • Credit Balance Transfer from Other Banks - There is no disbursement commission on the loan amount.

In case the loan products have specifically predetermined the interest rates and commissions applicable to the segment of unpaid clients, the above discounts do not apply.