“Alpha Child Dream” is a simple saving account designed for those children under 18. A savings tool for parents who want to provide for their children’s’ future. This account gives the possibility to deposit or to transfer funds through standing order from current or payroll accounts.

  • No restrictions on how much can be invested
  • Funds automatically become child's property at age of majority
  • Can be used for any purpose beneficiary chooses
  • The interest is calculated on the daily closing balance, on the portion of the balance within each tire and paid annually
  • Maintenance fee: 150 LEK, 1.5 EUR/USD on a monthly basis and debited at the end of each month
  • Closing account fee is 5 EUR, if the account is closed within the 5 first years, then the commission will be applied according to the working conditions
  • Withdrawal commission is 1% of the withdrawal amount , minimum 5 EUR and maximum 50 EUR
  • Possibility of a passbook: Client will be fit up with passbook for registering all the transactions Issue commission is 2 Euro
  • Periodic and automatic transfer through Standing Order
  • Account opening: From the moment the birth certificate is issued up to the age of 14th. Funds deposit to the account and the child can withdraw after 18 years old
  • No permission to withdraw within 5 first years
  • Possibility to change the currency of the accounts every 2 years

Free Alpha e-Banking 

  • Parents, legal guardian or a relative identification document such as valid passport, identification card,
     or birth certificate with photo (issued over  the last three months)
  • Identity document of the child such as a valid passport, birth certificate with a photo and a family certificate (for parents/legal guardian)
  • The marriage certificate or, in case of divorce, the court decision
  • Child’s birth certificate 

Note: Initially the account is set up in the name of Parents/legal guardians in informal trust for the child (the beneficiary). The Parents/legal guardians manage the investments in the account and acts on behalf of the beneficiary until the beneficiary reaches the age of majority. The Parents/legal guardians may not be the same person as the contributor. The assets belong beneficially to the child and must generally be held for the child until the age of majority.

All the deposits in Alpha Bank are insured as per law no. 53/14, date 22/05/2014 "On Deposit Insurance", changed. Deposits Insurance Agency (DIA) ensure and compensate all individual deposits in Lek and foreign currencies, for resident and nonresident individual clients up to the amount 2.500.000 Lek, in banking system.

For more information follow the web page of ASD: http://www.asd.gov.al

Please download HERE the “Interest Rate News-Letter”