Mastercard Credit Contactless is the newest card from Alpha Bank Albania that makes your payments more convenient than ever. With a unique design, this card offers contactless payments, online in Albania and abroad, as well as the possibility of real-time SMS notification for card transactions through registration in the Alpha SMS service.

Apply in all Alpha Bank Albania branches and get ZERO ANNUAL FEE for the first year.

Interest rates
  • Online purchases in Albania and abroad
  • Contactless purchases in all the POS-es in Albania and abroad where the Mastercard logo is displayed
  • Withdrawal in all the ATMs of Alpha Bank Albania and everywhere where the Mastercard logo is displayed
  • Unique design
  • Possibility to change the PIN at any Alpha Bank Albania ATM with Zero commission
  • Real time Alpha SMS service
  • Chip & Pin for safe payments        
  • Annual maintenance fee for the main card - 1,500 LEK (If the condition for the program of non-application of the annual fee is not met *)
  • Annual maintenance fee for additional card -  1,000 LEK
  • Card re-issuance commission - 1,000 LEK
  • Commission for new PIN - 1,000 LEK
  • Purchase at POS of Alpha Bank Albania - No Commission
  • Purchase in local currency - No Commission
  • Foreign currency purchases (in EPOS and Virtual POS) -  2% e transaction (this commission will be included in the transaction amount)
  • Card closing commission - No Commission
  • Cash withdrawal at Alpha Bank Albania ATM - 2 % with Min 500 LEK
  • Cash withdrawals at other ATMs - 2.5% with Min 500 LEK


The program for non-application of the annual maintenance fee consists of:

  • maintenance fee 0 (zero) during the first year of validity
  • maintenance fee 0 (zero) for the following years if the total purchases with this card in the previous year will be ≥ 200,000 LEK per year
  • Standard customers
    • Purchases 20% (applicable from billing date)
    • Withdrawals: 24% (applicable from the withdrawal date)
  • Payroll clients
    • Purchases 18% (applicable from billing date)
    • Withdrawals: 22% (applicable from the withdrawal date)
  • Card secured by Cash Collateral
    • Purchases 14% (applicable from billing date)
    • Withdrawals: 18% (applicable from the withdrawal date)
  • Arrears: + 5% (applied above the normal interest rate)
  • Application form
  • ID, passport or birth certificate of the Cardholder of the main card or additional card/s
  • Utility bill in order to certificate the address
  • Phone number fixed/mobile
  • Confirmation for the last three salaries and employment period in the current company
  • Salary account statement (not needed if you are a payroll client in Alpha Bank Albania)
  • Documentation in case you are the business owner

Currency  - Albanian Lek  Validity - 5 years

Billing time period

The 26th day of each month for the previous month outstanding balance.

Limit for withdrawal

The maximum daily withdrawal limit is 25% of the card limit, while the maximum monthly limit is 50% of the card limit.


Minimum payment: commissions + interests + 5% on outstanding balance.