Alpha Bank Enter American Express is a Debit Card, which is linked to your account and serves as a tool for purchases at POS-s (stores), cash withdrawals at ATM-s (in the country and abroad) and in internet whenever you see the American Express logo.

Benefits and characteristics of the card
Commission, tariffs and transaction fees
  • Make purchase online in Albania and abroad
  • Make contactless purchases in POS-es where the Mastercard logo is displayed (Without PIN up to 4,500 lekë)
  • Make withdrawals at the Alpha Bank Albania ATM network and any other ATM with the American Express logo displayed
  • Free change of PIN at any Alpha Bank Albania ATM
  • Alpha SMS Service in order to be informed in real time for any transaction you make
  • Chip & Pin for secure transactions
  • Part of Alpha Bank Bonus Rewarding Programme where you have the opportunity to benefit from partners’ merchants in this program
  • Annual fee: 600 ALL
  • Reissue Card Fee: 200 ALL
  • Reissue PIN Fee: 100 ALL
  • No commissions for withdrawals and POS transactions in Alpha Bank Albania Terminals
  • Commission for ATM withdrawals abroad: 2.5% of transaction amount, with minimum 350 ALL
  • Balance inquiry in foreign ATM terminals: 100 ALL
  • Currency - Albanian Lek
  • Period of issuing the card: 1 week after the client’s request
  • Limit for cash advances inside the country is 30,000 ALL
  • Limit for cash advances abroad is 13,000 ALL
  • Limit for all transactions is 100,000 ALL
  • The limit for cash advances can be changed upon client’s request