Alpha Bank Albania has signed cooperation agreements and offers the possibility of monthly bill payments automatically through direct debit service. The Bank has agreements with OSHEE, UKT, ALBtelecom, Vodafone and One.

What is direct debit service?

Direct Debit is a service that enables you to perform regular, simple, secure and fast monthly bill payments of:
Phone and mobile
Internet and other services paid directly from your current account.  

How is it activated?

The service is activated by signing the authorization and ends with the signing of the revocation of the authorization in writing by the client.
The order is valid until the cancellation / revocation in writing or when the relationship between the Bank and the Operator is terminated.
Payments are performed once a month on the dates settled in the agreements signed between the Bank and the Operators.
Direct debit will start from next month from the authorization signing date.
Dates when the payment is executed in favour of the Operators:
UKT, OSHEE, ALBtelecom - 17th and 25th of each month
Vodafone – 6th and 16th of each month
One – 5th and 19th of each month
The customer can order more than one Direct Debit payment from the same account.
The commission for the service is in accordance with the terms and conditions published in the Bank's premises.

What do you benefit?

- Save your time and avoid waiting in line;
- Make payments on time and without delay and better manage your finances;
- Invoices will be paid automatically and payment deadlines will be met.