Alpha Bank Albania sh.a is licensed by the Financial Supervision Authority, with decision no. 210, dated 27.12.2016 for exercising the activity of insurance mediation for clients, for life and non-life classes.

  • The Bank in the role of Insurance Intermediary negotiates with selected insurance companies, in the name and on behalf of the Client, to enable him to sign an insurance contract, according to his requirements and needs.
  • Alpha Bank attaches special importance to providing high quality products and services to its customers, ensuring that their requirements are met on time.
  • Any request / question can be submitted in electronic form (e-mail) or in writing to the Mediation Unit for Insurance products in the Bank.

Why mediation in insurance products?

The service provided by the Insurance Broker is important for Clients who are interested in cutting an insurance policy as it serves as a consultant for selecting the insurance product most suitable for its needs and requirements. The insurance broker is informed about the client's requirements and negotiates with the insurance companies for insurance conditions and the best premium for the insurance policy.

Alpha Bank Albania in the role of insurance intermediary

  • Alpha Bank Albania during the activity of insurance intermediary acts as the representative for the Clients in the negotiations with the Insurance Companies and has as main purpose the protection of the interests of the clients by finding the best insurance product and controls the content of the insurance policy before signature.
  • Informs the client in writing about the characteristics of the insurance products and the commissions on the required coverage.
  • Informs the insurance company about the offer requested by the Client, for signing an insurance contract.
  • The broker checks the content of the insurance contract before signing and submits it to the Client.
  • The Bank in the role of insurance intermediary assists the Insured during the duration of the policy for the fulfillment of the rights and obligations of the contract.
  • The Bank assists the client in pursuing claims for compensation, for contracts mediated by the Broker.

Information on insurance products

Any customer of the Bank can contact the Insurance Products Mediation Unit for more detailed information about insurance products using one of the following methods:

  • By phone: phone numbers +355 4 22 78 502/531/532 from 08:00 to 16:30
  • Via sms and WhatsApp application on mobile number + 355 69 70 20 400
  • Via e-mail, by clicking on the link:
  • By Post, Letters are addressed to the Bank by Post to the following address:
    Insurance Products Intermediary Unit, Retail Banking Business, Alpha Bank Albania, Kavaja Street, G-KAM Business Center, Tirana, Albania
  • Message on the official website of the Bank by clicking ............

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