Always stay close to your loved ones with fast and convenient money transfers.

When it comes to money transfers around the world, we know that today there are many choices between
various companies. For this reason, we work to ensure you transfer money in order
safe and convenient.

By choosing MoneyGram, you can feel confident that you are using a trusted service from many families throughout
the world.

Withdrawal of money

  • Inform the sender to make the transfer via MoneyGram and send you the correct reference number.
  • Go to the nearest Alpha Bank Albania branch by presenting an identification document (ID or passport) and fill out the money withdrawal form.
  • The MoneyGram system will register your data in the system and verify that the transfer is in order before the money is delivered.
  • The beneficiary does not pay any commission for the transfer.

Sending money

  • Go to the nearest Alpha Bank Albania branch and find out about the service.
  • Submit an identification document (ID or Passport) and fill out the application form for sending funds.
  • Make the payment for the amount you want to send.
  • The Alpha Bank Albania employee will inform you about the transfer reference number.
  • Notify the beneficiary of the transfer and the reference number, for 10 minutes the money will be available to be withdrawn by the beneficiary.