DigitAlpha - The first internal digital innovation competition by Alpha Bank Albania

Alpha Bank Albania, having accelerated the implementation of its Digital Transformation Plan and the digitization of its services, organized for the first time, an internal digital innovation competition, DigitAlpha.

The competition was addressed to all Alpha Bank Albania Employees and aimed to engage all of the Bank’s Personnel attracting innovative and inspiring ideas that will improve the digital products and services of the Bank with the ultimate goal to offer an upgraded Customer journey and excellent experience!

On the occasion of the completion of the first phase of competition, Mr. Alban Burazeri, IT & Operations Unit Manager said: “Customer Experience has always been an integral and major pillar of our business operation. Our strategic goal is the continuous improvement of our portfolio with innovative products and services that will create more real value to our Customers and will also shift our operation towards a leaner and more productive model. As we implement our Digital Transformation Plan, this internal competition made our Employees key players of this “journey” as they have contributed their own part to it, by proposing meaningful and innovative ideas from which the Customer will benefit. Furthermore, what is really interesting about DigitAlpha is that we encouraged every Employee to take part in the competition, regardless of their job profile, as we believe that every Employee can contribute to the design of new products and services that will create an exceptional personalized Customer experience. Lastly, the three best teams will have the unique opportunity to see their ideas come to life by collaborating with professional local and international teams’’.

Ms. Erjona Çela, Retail Banking Business Unit Manager said “During the last years we have strategically focused on the implementation and launch of innovative digital products and services using cutting-edge technologies and leveraging the advanced know-how of our Employees. We have provided to our Customers -even remotely and fully digitally - with a wide range of financial solutions, as well as carefully tailored loyalty programs after closely monitoring the needs of both the market and our Customers. Undoubtedly, we are living in a digital era where the digital solutions are not considered to be luxury a necessity; thus the banks must provide solutions that simplify the interaction of the Customer with us and improve their experience and their overall customer journey. In Alpha Bank Albania, we firmly believe our Employees to be our biggest asset and at the same time they are those who know, better than anyone else, our Customers’ needs. We invited all our Employees -regardless of their background- to present their innovative and out-of-the-box ideas that could lead to the next digital product or service launch of Alpha Bank Albania! We are extremely happy and proud for the quality and quantity of the proposals presented to us, and. I am confident that the three finalist ideas after the development, testing and implementation period, will be launched with great success in the Albanian market and they will be much appreciated by our Customers.’’

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