People are the key factor to business continuity and success. Therefore, Alpha Bank Albania sha in order to attract its future professionals has established a well-defined respective process which aims at the best matching of job requirements with people’s skills, experience and competencies and ensures equal opportunities and compliance with legislative requirements. Recruiting is an ongoing process and is open to all the interested candidates who have just graduated or experienced candidates in various fields. 

The interested candidates may apply for the vacant positions through our website or by sending a CV in our e-mail address Every vacancy’s announcement describes the main duties, experience, qualifications and skills requirements for the position. 

The application for employment through the aforementioned methods intends the submission of some information to the Bank’s database, comprising elements of your personal data. The Bank guarantees any user that his/her personal data is secured, recorded and  processed by the highest security systems and  in full compliance with the provisions of Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 "On Personal Data Protection" and bylaws issued for its implementation, being used solely internally for recruitment purpose and in full compliance with the user’s intention.

For this reason, when applying for employment by filling in the forms and sending the information to the Bank’s database, the user confirms the accuracy of the personal data and declares that is fully aware on the reasons of data processing, thus accepting that the data will be used only for Bank’s internal use in compliance with the application’s purpose, for a period of one year and will be automatically deleted after this period.
In any case, the Bank provides the user who is applying for employment with the right to have full access on the information submitted and, among other things, guarantees him/her that, through a request addressed to the Bank, he/she can require to access, delete or modify the data provided. 

Only the candidates which meet the job requirements for the position are contacted from the Human Resources Department and are tested on general knowledge as well as knowledge related to the position. There are certain positions for which the candidates are not required to perform tests. The process goes on with the interview performed in the presence of the interviewing panel. The results of the test and the interview are the determining factors for the selection of the winning candidate.